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Maybe you invested thousands of dollars into a degree…  

Only to be underpaid, undervalued, and met with racism on a daily basis.  

Maybe it was your dream of traveling the world that was put on the shelf, because there was always something else your job needed from you.  

And no matter how hard you work, no matter how many late nights at the office you put in or ungrateful bosses you have to pretend to like...  

Climbing the corporate ladder seems to never get you where you want to be.  

It’s time to wake up to the freedom you’ve been searching for. It’s time to create success on your own terms. No ladder.  

You know there’s more to life, there has to be more...

But there are some truths no one wants to discuss: 

  • That going to a great school doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.
  • That slaving away for countless hours doesn’t mean you’ll move up in corporate America.
  • That your children need a father that’s present, as well as one that provides.
  • That you’ll either spend your life building your own dream or helping someone build theirs.
  • And that the majority of African Americans will continue working well into old age, creating a legacy that isn’t theirs.

This is Why We Designed the Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class.

Our Master Class is specifically designed to teach you the real structure behind a life where you don’t just survive, you live.

Our master class will provide you with the keys you need to take control of your life.

The Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class Will Empower You to Stop Being an Employee and Start Being a Boss

Finally, you can have a lifestyle that gives you time, freedom, and purpose.

Build a business around the life you want. The 8-week Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class will give you the essential tools to create long-term passive income.

A thriving community.  

With the Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class you’ll find a community of like minded individuals to help keep you accountable, and collaborate on future business ventures or client projects.

Personalized, 1-to-1 live support. Students who enroll now will receive 1-to-1 support to help and guide you through the next steps.

Learn for life.  

After completing the class, you’ll have lifetime access to it for extra motivation.

No more guesswork. The Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class will hand-deliver the insights you need through 8 live free lectures (40-60 min long). Each lecture will help you create a thriving virtual business that can be run from anywhere in the world, while being hands-off and self-managing.

This lifestyle isn’t reserved for a few select people with the right magic formula. It’s here for you, whenever you choose to take it. 

Be The One Who Decides What You Do When You Wake Up in the Morning

 The doors to join the Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class are closing soon.

Have the freedom to travel abroad, care for sick family, or even take a mental health day without counting “vacation days” or weighing budgets. Imagine waking up in the morning and deciding what you want to do and how you want to do it, working from anywhere in the world, and creating an environment where you truly love what you do. 

This is the new black power. The Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class is made for blacks by blacks. It allows you to be part of a growing movement in which African Americans are free to step out of the system that was created for them, and into a life of their own. We will show you what that life is like when you take your freedom back into your own hands.

But the Live-Free Lifestyle isn’t just about personal freedom. It’s about building a legacy where both you and your family can live free together.  

We’re using this same system to provide more opportunities for our family too.  

My daughter, for instance, is a toddler, barely able to stand up on her own two legs. But already she has two passports. And when she turns 25, she’ll be able to call wherever she wants her home–a true citizen of the world.

She doesn’t fully appreciate it right now, sure. But some day, she’ll understand the amazing future we opened up for her. 

 The doors to join the Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class are closing soon.

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How the Live-Free Master Class Works

STEP 1 Enroll Today

STEP 2 Absorb Real Life Wisdom From the Entrepreneurs That Know What It Takes to Succeed

STEP 3 Enjoy Living Your Life on Your Own Terms

Your path to empowerment begins when you enroll in the Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class risk-free for 30 days.

While attending each lecture, you’ll soak up everything there is to know from vetted entrepreneurs and moguls, and developing the mindset and skills needed to create a life of freedom.

Work one-on-one with the COO and your Master Class instructor Lawrence Watkins as he helps you apply everything you’ve learned to create a life without borders or ceilings.

This is exactly what we’ll cover in the Live-Free Master Class:

The Online Business Landscape The Type of Businesses to Start for Maximum Profitability.

Finding Your Niche Discovering Who Your Customer Is and What to Sell Them.

Building Your Tribe Connecting with Your Ideal Customers and Marketing to Them at Scale.

Working with Others Finding and Hiring Contractors, Product Supplies and Anyone Else Necessary to Help Your Business Grow.

Developing Your Business Systems Crafting Your Processes to Deliver Products and Services Your Customers Love.

Converting Your Tribe Into Paying Customers The Technical Nuts and Bolts of Website and Sales Funnel Development.

Turning Your Hobby Into a Business Setting Up Your Business Structure (Legal and Accounting) for Long Term Success.

Reclaiming Your Time Time Management Strategies and Business Automation Tools to Help You Achieve Maximum Productivity.

Wisdom From Those Who Have Been Where You Are—and Are Now Where You Want to Be

We know exactly what it’s like to face the struggles you deal with everyday, feeling undervalued, discriminated against, and trapped in a never ending grind. We know because we’ve been there.

As the Chief Operating Officer of The Black Business School, Professor Lawrence Watkins understands the challenges African Americans face when working towards financial success and legacy. He knows because he has faced them himself. His own personal struggle against discrimination and corporate hustle inspired him to create an educational platform with his brother, Dr. Boyce Watkins, where vetted instructors can share their expertise, and help the black community thrive. It’s during that time that it became clear to them just how sad our current reality is. A dollar spent in the black community will only stay there for 6 HOURS. The Live-Free Lifestyle Master Class seeks to erase the gap in black owned businesses, through teaching entrepreneurship and key wealth building strategies. 

We’ve Built Our Classes to Address Real Life Challenges with Real Life Solutions

A Master Class built for your life, your needs, and your goals.

What is the price of freedom to you?  

Is it worth the latte you pick up every morning on your way to the job you hate?  

That’s how little this Master Class will cost each month, while still providing you with live guidance and coaching to get you to where you want to be.

With a one-time payment of $199, you can skip the massive MBA student debt, the endless grind, and the factory employee system.  

Remember, this is a limited time offer for the Master Class launch. Joining later will cost nearly $500 a month for the same program.

So along with all the benefits of attending classes live (direct access to me, Q&A, networking with fellow students), enrolling right now also saves you more than $300. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have access to other students in my area? Absolutely. We understand that a strong support system is key to ongoing success. We make it easy for you to connect with your peers.  

Will I be behind the rest of the class if I start now? Since the lectures are hosted live with questions answered in real time, we suggest enrolling early on to follow along with the rest of the class.

Do Dr Boyce & Professor Lawrence Watkins also do live classes for members, or is everything on PowerPoint? For the exclusive launch of the Master Class, all lessons will be taught live, there will be a pre-recorded rendition in the future. However, this will not include the personal question/answer benefit.

When does the class begin and when does it end?

Class begins on September 5th at 9pm EST and ends on October 24th, 9pm EST. 

Our Promise For Your Future

We believe that our Master Class will create an undeniable change on how you see your business, which is why we are willing to put a guarantee behind it. Try the Master Class risk-free for 30 days, and if it doesn’t feel like the right fit, you can request a full refund. This is an exclusive deal we are offering only with our Master Class launch, so don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Just one-time payment of $199